Secrets to the best-looking leaf clean up on the street!

Proper Equipment Care

To perform a leaf clean up and get the best results in the least amount of time it is important to have the proper equipment.  The use of a blower preferably a backpack blower, a vacuum to load debris up when done, a mower with a vacuum to clean up lawn areas, and a rake if you a have an area not accessible by blower or the lawn mower equipped with a vacuum.

At Complete Lawn Care, we utilize specialized equipment including top of the line backpack blower’s, mowers equipped with vacuums, truck loaders to load debris at the curb, and dump trucks to haul away debris from your property.

The clean up process

It is best to start around the foundation of the house and blow out all landscape beds, then continue to all the other beds in the yard.  While doing so pay close attention to any debris that may be trapped under the the plants and shrubs. Attention to detail when cleaning out the landscape beds will make your job look great, it’s the attention to detail that will make your lawn stand out on the street.

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Don’t let leaves in the Fall, put a damper on your Spring!

Why leaf removal?

The leaves covering the majority of your lawn need to be cleared. Not only does this give your property a neat, clean appearance for fall and winter, this will also help you to have a nice green lawn come spring. If leaves are left on lawns over the winter they will create yellow spots where they lay. The leaves inhibit the lawn from getting the light and oxygen it needs to be healthy and green for spring.

Removing leaves will help you to have a nice green lawn come spring. If leaves are left on lawns over the winter they will create yellow spots where they lay. The leaves inhibit the lawn from getting the light and oxygen it needs to be healthy and green for spring. The weight of the wet leaves can suffocate grass and moisture will build up under the leaves and can cause certain fungal diseases. This is especially true with cool season grass such as fescue.

Leaf removal schedule

We can come out once a week, every other week, or as you call us. If you get on our regular schedule, you will get priority scheduling. This allows us to schedule out accordingly and make sure your property stays in the best shape possible.

Through the use of our truck-mounted leaf vacuum, we can have your yard cleared of leaves in less time than it takes for normal leaf removal equipment. Our services are fully mechanized, using leaf blowers and commercial leaf vacuums, removing the need for you to rake leaves. We use top of line commercial equipment to maximize efficiency.

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Equipment Calibration Tulsa, Jenks OK importance maintaining

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing ok. We got our equipment shutdown for the day, doing some equipment calibration and testing and wanted to make sure you understand the importance of making sure your equipment is properly calibrated and you are applying your products at the correct rate.

Proper calibration is so important.

Every product is labeled for the proper rate. If you happen to put out too little, you won’t get the results you want.

If you put out too much you are wasting money on products. And depending on the product, you can cause damage to your lawn. Whatever you are using whatever product you are using, know the proper rates for the time of season and type of turf. This will have a lot to do with you getting the proper results on your lawn.

Hope that helps, if you have questions please comment below or give us a call.

Lawn Care Broken Arrow, OK Specialists on Summer Weeds and How to Prevent Their Thriving

Summer is THE season to have weeds coming and going all around your property, sprouting in the most unexpected of places and giving you plenty of troubles. Proper summer lawn and landscape maintenance means regular and efficient weed control – but sometimes it get a little exhausting. Using weed killers is not always the best option. Just like in the case of pesticides, chemical weed treatments can deeply and negatively impact the soil, the plants’ roots systems, the water infiltrated into the soil and the crops (if you grow vegetables or fruit trees). Weed killers should be traded with precaution. Our lawn care Broken Arrow, OK specialists are here today to help you make the best choices when it comes to summer weeding. Let’s see a few preventative measures we can all take to block weeds development.

Proper Customs Inspections

While you can’t really prevent birds and insects to drop and carry around some weed seeds on your property, you can still control the weeds you bring home. If you buy new potted plants from the nursery to integrate them into your lawn and landscape, make sure you plant them without the inherent weed seeds that are already there in the pots (this is something you cannot really avoid).

  • Find out for how long the plant stood in the nursery and in the pot – the longer the amount of time, the higher the risks of having some weeds excited to germinate.
  • Ask your lawn care Tulsa, OK experts to assess potted plants and look for weeds before you plant them in the garden. Better yet, have them pick the right plants from verified sources to lower the risks of introducing new weeds to your property.

Don’t Disturb the Weeds More than Necessary

The problem with weeds is that you never know which of them and how many of them are in the mood to pop up their ugly heads one day or another. This is why they should better be left undisturbed; as not all weeds germinate in summer. Keep your cultivation and gardening activities to a minimum – there are always weed seeds to germinate if they get proper sunlight and aeration, so you should replace your cultivation activities to a minimum. Ask your lawn care Broken Arrow, OK experts to help you keep the soil de-compacted, moist, aerated and fertile without disturbing the dormant weeds in the soil.

Layer and Layers of Mulch

We talked about mulching the trees, but mulch can be your best ally in your weed prevention tactics. Organic mulch helps the plants develop stronger roots, while keeping them moist, cool and protected against weeds. However, if you want a strong blocking system, you should consider synthetic mulch.

Synthetic or inorganic mulch is found as plastic and landscape fabric or stone / gravel soil surface covers. Such layer protects the plants and trees from weed infestations – although they don’t fertilize the soil, as they don’t decompose.

Your lawn care Broken Arrow, OK specialists can offer you an expert weed prevention and control program based on tailored substances and organic methods to keep your property safe from invaders.

Spring Pre Emergent Tulsa OK Why Is Pre Emergent Needed?

Spring Pre Emergent Time

Hey everyone Tom with Complete Lawn Care wanted to let you know about some things to expect in the next few weeks. Hope you are as glad as we are to see the weather start to warm up some. Tulsa, OK Broken Arrow OK.

Rain sunshine and warmer weather are perfect environment for weeds to take off and explode. These three things are like a steroid injection for them and they will take off. These Tulsa weeds that you seeing right now and over the next few weeks all that germinated back in the fall and winter. These weeds are prevented from putting down a fall pre emergent.

Though Don’t think you totally missed the window for a good looking yard this year. You may be behind some but there is something you can do right now that will make a big difference.

The goal of the spring pre emergent is to prevent weeds from germinating now that will come up into late spring to middle of summer. If you have tons of Broken Arrow, OK weeds or you start seeing them, You can control the active ones with a post emergent but what is most important is getting down the spring pre emergent to prevent late spring and summer weeds from germinating.

You have to act quickly. Get down a pre emergent. Call us or if you do it yourself, make you sure you act now. And water in your treatment so the pre emergent is activated.

Hope that helps, if you have any questions we are always here to help you.



Intensive Lawn Care Tulsa OK Residents Need for Damaged Lawns

Even under regular circumstances, caring for one’s lawn is never an easy task. Most home owners are also busy professionals who don’t have the time, energy or skills to put in that much effort into properly caring for their lawn, which is precisely why they usually hire a specialized team. But sometimes, a so and so lawn care company can fail to deliver advanced care, beyond the basic mow and go, and you may find yourself with a damaged lawn. When that happens, taking the necessary measures is a delicate but urgent task if you want to nurse it back to lushness. Here is what you need to know about it.

In most cases, the problem that led to the lawn’s damaged state wasn’t a matter of neglect or bad intentions, but an underlying imbalance in the soil or some undetected lawn care mistake. To be able to fix it on the long run, you should first find out exactly what the problem is and only then choose the best approach to repair and rebuild, based on the result you find. According to our lawn care Tulsa, OK experts, the initial investigation should employ professional staff and it should always start with testing the soil. The particular one in our area tends to be affected by the high presence of clay in it, which can make it too compact and, as a result, nutrients and water may not circulate properly.

After you determine the cause for the damage of your lawn, you can choose from three routes of fixing it. You can either over-seed, or keep the existing grass but work on the soil, or you can replace the lawn completely, depending on the results of those labs you order. If the soil is fairly ok, then you can just cut some slits into it, dethatch and over-seed, while also making sure you don’t repeat any lawn care mistakes you might have made in the past. If there are moderate problems with your soil, then you need to aerate it and then enrich it with the substances it needs (like a certain type of fertilizer) in order to make it friendlier for the lawn.

In the unfortunate case of things being really amiss with your soil, the route which our lawn care Tulsa, OK experts recommend is a complete removal and rebuilding of the lawn. That means that after removing the grass, there will also be some herbicides applied to take care of weeds, and then the soil will be improved by adding compost or peat to it and mixing it in. After topping the soil with a layer of organic soil, a new lawn will be planted to better and lasting results.

With the amount of time and effort that will go into rebuilding your lawn, it is obviously best if you employ a specialized team to take care of the whole project. Since the task of repairing a damaged lawn is more advanced than a regular mow job, you need to be very particular about whom you hire for it. Good luck with your lawn!

These tips were brought to you by Complete Lawn Care, your local lawn care expert for Tulsa, OK Broken Arrow, OK Owasso, OK and many other neighboring areas. If you need help with your lawn, we’re the right team for the job.

Does Mulch Entertain Pests? Pest Control Broken Arrow, OK Experts Try to Answer

While natural mulches are revered in the green industry for their multiple benefits in the lawn and landscape, one cannot help but wonder if by nature mulches don’t actually attract pests and entertain their thriving. The question has a foundation in science: organic mulches, due to their natural moisture and their decomposing features make, in theory, the best environments for moist-loving insects to take residence and multiply. Since Oklahoma is home for hundreds of species of dangerous pests, the answer to this question becomes even more pressing. What if by naturally fertilizing the soil we actually offer pests the perfect conditions to thrive? In order to tackle this issue, our pest control Broken Arrow OK specialists are here today to offer their know-how and expertise.

Mulch Decomposition

Just like any organic material, mulch also decomposes as an effect of mixed climacteric conditions and insect activity. Natural mulch is usually made of grass clippings, straw, shredded leaves, seaweed, or shredded bark – it is only normal to decompose with the help of decomposing insects breaking down the vegetal debris and aiding with the soil fertilization.

From this point of view, once you apply a layer of mulch you will also see some insect activity in those planting areas. Sow bugs, millipedes, earwigs and centipedes may show up in larger numbers than normal, especially if it rains for prolonged periods of time. However, our pest control Broken Arrow OK specialists say that organic mulch doesn’t normally entertain the thriving of such pests when the weather is hot and dry.

What About Termites?

Oklahoma is, unfortunately, a very good place for many pests to thrive and termites are one of the most dreaded ones. These invaders are able to cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and put down entire properties and houses. Termites live underground and need moisture to thrive. They feed on wood and wooden materials – this is why their relationship with vegetal mulch needs a closer look. If organic mulch is the perfect environment for termites to grow in numbers you need to know a few things before panicking or giving up on the use of moist mulch as fertilizer.

Our pest control Broken Arrow, OK specialists say that in order for termites to infest a property starting from the mulch layer, a particular set of conditions need to be met in the same time:

  • Plenty of water, moist and humidity need to persist for very long periods of time to entertain termites in relationship to mulch. Fortunately, our living area seldom witnesses such climacteric conditions.
  • The mulch layer has to be very thick (more than three inches deep) and severely compacted. As a responsible homeowner, you probably eliminate such condition from the start, as you know how to install mulch and to rake it occasionally to allow air flow.
  • The garden and landscape aren’t checked for pest activity and you don’t perform any lawn maintenance activity – which, again, seems unlikely.

To answer the termite question, yes, if all these conditions are simultaneously met, you do indeed risk a termite infestation on your property with mulch as primary source. But, if you respect the mulch installation rules and you have your property maintained and checked by your local pest control Broken Arrow, OK specialists, you should not worry about termites.

Increasing Property Curb Appeal: Lawn Care Broken Arrow OK Tips For Home Owners

Ask any realtor about residential properties and they will tell you that oftentimes, it’s the lawn and garden which sell a house. Psychologically speaking, this is perfectly explainable: go visit a house to purchase and the second you fall in love with the front yard, the patio and the patch of land which in your imagination already turned into a lush flower or vegetable garden, you want to call that property “home.” Lush lawns are the reason people choose planned communities and invest so much in a property, as they can see children and pets happily playing in the front yard, while adults enjoy a cocktail garden party in the back. In other words, if you are interested in selling your property, there are a few lawn care Broken Arrow Oklahoma tips provided by lawn maintenance pros and local realtors on how to increase its curb appeal with little effort and investment.

Install Smart Irrigation Systems

Make sure you install reliable irrigation system long before you put the house on the market, to let them time to do their magic. Consult with your lawn care Broken Arrow OK service company and choose the most efficient irrigation system which can turn even the dullest lawn into a patch of Heaven before the potential buyers start coming over.

Make the Landscape Vibrant with Life

The easiest way to maintain your lawn healthy, luxurious and vibrant with life is to allow the presence of beneficial insects and plants to thrive on the property. Butterflies and bees help a lot with pollination, while ladybugs and hover-flies take care of pests. Have some birds visit your property by installing some bird feeders and sources of water (at a safe distance from the plants) and present your future buyers the benefits of owning a small ecosystem in their back yard.